Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sometimes when you dream of something it turns out to be true but not 100% true. Recently, my dream of travelling onboard of aeroplane turned out to be true but to other destination instead of Jeddah. Suddenly, I already inside the bassinette of Malaysia Airlines's Boeing 777-200 aeroplane.
I was on flight MH020 to CDG (Paris) together with my parents. My destination was to Europe's Aviation City in TLS (Toulouse) following my mum whom was on duty travel. I really enjoyed to travel with Malaysia Airlines as the cabin crew have been very nice to me. I would really recommend to all my friends to fly with Malaysia Airlines and you can visit the website for more information and latest promotions.We arrived at Terminal 1 of Paris Charles De-Gaulle (CDG) airport around 6am and were transfered by shuttle service to Terminal 2 for our next flight to Toulouse (TLS). During arrival, outside temperature was about 12 deg C which was a bit chilly for me as a first timer for an overseas trip to four seasons country like France. Here, I have to wait for our next flight AF7782 to TLS by Air France's Airbus 319.

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